Il tour book che accompagnò i 98 shows del “Purple Rain Tour 1984-85”

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Trent’anni di Purple Rain. Dopo la pubblicazione dell’album e l’uscita dell’omonimo film, il 4 novembre del 1984 iniziava da Detroit il “Prince And The Revolution Tour 1984-1985”. In compagnia della special guest Sheila E., Prince si esibì per un totale di 98 shows che richiamarono un numero complessivo di 1.7 millioni di spettatori paganti. L’ultimo concerto fu quello di Miani del 7 aprile 1985. 

Per celebrare l’evento eccovi le immagini del tour book che accompagnò gli spettacoli.



Tour Book details

Designer:  Reiner Design Consultant. Inc – Fran Reinfeld / Roger Gorman
Photograph Credits:  Larry Williams, Nancy Bundt, Geoffrey Thomas, Jakie Sallow, Bruce Mosher, Larry Williams,  Water Productions, Inc. and Warner Bros. Inc
Country :  USA
Printed : 1984
Pages :    28
Dimensions : 330 x 300 mm

The tour book design fundamentally draws upon artwork and typography from the Purple Rain project, incorporating art used on the album and various single releases, together with stills from the film. Other backgrounds of lace, feathers and paisley design complement the project themes.  The front cover title lettering is embossed and reads, Prince and the Revolution 1984-85 World Tour. Credits and a list of acknowledgments feature on the inside front cover.   Several pages are devoted to pictures and hand-written, signed messages from Prince and each member of the Revolution, as well as bodyguard, Chick Huntsberry.  Other photographs are mostly of Prince, together with two of his dove, Divinity. One double spread has the opening lines to the song, Around The World In A Day on notepaper in Prince’s handwriting.  Another double spread displays the front cover of each of Prince‘s album releases to date together with tracklistings.  All stills from the film, Purple Rain, are copyright credited as © 1984 Water Productions, Inc and Warner Bros, Inc.. Others are individually credited to the photographer, and copyrighted as © 1984 PRN Productions, Inc..


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