Prince, intervista live via Twitter


Ieri sera intervista live con PRINCE ‏@3RDEYEGIRL via Twitter.  Queste sono le risposte più interessanti che hanno incuriosito i fans. Non capisco perchè in elenco non ci sono quelle fatte da me.

Prince answered some question from the fans via twitter @3rdeyegirl. Here’s a quick summary from what has been said:

★ Touring: LONDON wILL B 1ST sTOP. In The Process of boooooking. Looooking at venues now.
★ New album: eARLY 2014 AND aVAILABLE IN aLL 4MATS. By a Variety of Distributors. aLL nEW mATERIAL. fINAL mIXING NOW. fIXURlIFEUP IS oN IT…tHE rEST: !@#%$^&*(!&^%J*(&#!!!!
★ His own question: iS UR pINEAL gLAND DE-cALCIFIED?
★ Prince’s favorite Prince album: tHE nEW ONE
★ If Prince will ever do a Madison Square Garden Show: cAN’T wAIT. tHEIR rENTAL FEE IS mAD-HIGH THO.
★ How does Prince stay in shape: kICKBOXING, iNSANITY AND pING pONG
★ A guy lost his girlfriend and asks Prince for tips: lET HER gOsHE’S hERE NOW aNYWAY…LEaRNING 2 PLAY kEYBOARDS.
★ Beatles or Rolling Stones: 3RdEyEgirL.


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