Prince fa chiudere

Siamo tutti contenti e felici dell’annuncio del prossimo tour di Prince il “Welcome 2 Chicago”, ma mi sembra corretto informare anche delle “brutte novità”. Era già successo in passato con altri siti, Housequake su tutti, ed è capitato anche quest’anno con, costretto a chiudere per le continue minacce legali da parte degli avvocati di Prince. era solo un database che raccoglieva informazioni dettagliate di tutte le registrazioni bootleg audio e video di Prince. Non ha mai distribuito o venduto nulla, non ha mai guadagnato con la musica di Prince eppure ha dovuto chiudere.
Ho l’impressione che se Prince avesse un suo sito ufficiale sarebbe capace di far chiudere anche quello!!!

Once again, an artist that we once respected and admired is continuing with the persecution of his fans and has, once again, threatened legal action against the community. Despite the fact we were an information only site and did not play host to any illegal recordings or videos, we have had little choice but to adhere the warnings and shut the site down.

We have worked very hard over the past few years to make this site what it was today and we are saddened greatly by its closure. There is little point in us fighting the might of his lawyers and, to be honest, I’m amazed he has any fans left.

Thanks to everyone for the amazing and huge support you gave to us. Maybe you can find us again one day. Stay tuned with us via social media for updates and more.

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